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The term "Indian food", we mean the Vedic cuisine, rather than any modern school of Indian culinary art, which can offer you a dish like "chicken curry". We will tell you about it in more detail.

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People Vedic culture almost did not eat meat. Eating meat has spread to India only with the arrival of foreign invaders: the Mughals, who came from Persia in the sixteenth century the Portuguese, who ruled for four centuries, and finally the British colonialists.

Excellent viewer pst - PST Viewer.However, despite the fact that for many centuries, India was ruled by the people who eat meat, the vast number of Indians continues to be strict vegetarians.

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India from time immemorial been a country of vegetarians (those who consume, the meat is called "not vegetarian"), because according to Vedic ideas, the life of any creature is sacred and unwarranted killing of innocent creatures is a flagrant violation of the laws of God.

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All kinds of plants and animals in the choice of food are followed only his instinct, but a man of his advanced intelligence, choosing food that should be guided by the highest spiritual principles. According to Vedic understanding, a true vegetarian is someone who does not eat any meat, fish, or eggs.

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If a person refuses to meat, but eats eggs or fish, it cannot be a vegetarian in the true sense of the word, because it feeds on the flesh, although it may be hidden, as in eggs, a lime shell. Anyone who became a vegetarian just to avoid violence cannot see the reasons for the refusal of eating unfertilized eggs. However, from the Vedic point of view, any flesh is unfit for humans, so whoever wants to be a vegetarian, should abandon the eggs, which, regardless of whether they are fertilized or not, are nothing but a raw material for future bodies of chickens. Some vegetarians, vegans called to abstain not only from meat, fish and eggs, and dairy products from protesting so against the ruthless exploitation that cows exposed to meat and dairy farms.

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